Date: 17th September 2019 at 8:12am
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Tonight, Frank Lampard will take charge of Chelsea for the first time in a Champions League game.

Lampard, quite probably, one of the most popular choices ever as a Chelsea boss, is in a unique situation where the support would, as he develops his young side, accept a few disappointing results.

For once, in the last decade or so, Chelsea appear to be heading down a route, courtesy of the two-window transfer ban imposed by Chelsea, where integrating products of our youth academy is of paramount importance.

But, as we prepare for what will be another exciting evening, Lampard will be looking towards his young side to produce a performance that will take the club nearer to qualifying for the knockout stages of the competition.

Ahead of the game, somebody who has managed Chelsea on two occasions has given his views on whether Lampard can become one of the few players who become successful managers.

That somebody, talking to Sky Sports, is none other than Jose Mourinho.

Talking about Frank’s standing at the club, Jose has remarked:

“One thing is the player, another thing is the manager.

“The player, I don’t think any Chelsea fan will disagree with me if I say is one of the top five most important players of Chelsea history, and probably some will say not top five, maybe top three.”

I doubt if any of the Chelsea support would contest that opening gambit from Jose.

Continuing Jose discusses Frank’s fledgeling managerial career, further remarking:

“Another thing is his managerial career, one year of experience in Derby where he showed good qualities and now he has Chelsea in his hands.”

He did, but, playing devils’ advocate, would Frank have gotten the gig if he hadn’t played for Chelsea?

Jose, continuing though, expands further on Frank’s credentials, adding:

“He plays for big things. He plays Champions League, he played a European Super Cup, he had already big matches in his hands, and he has to grow up with the level of experiences, which I believe he can because he has huge experience.

“I cannot separate from the fact that football has been always in his life. He was born son of a player, he grew up [nephew] of a football manager, he became a player, he became a top player… I think he has all the conditions to succeed.”

Now that is a glowing sentiment that all Chelsea supporters are hoping will come true, but as we all know, patience is not a virtue often displayed by the Chelsea hierarchy, hopefully, this time around it will be different and come five years’ time Frank will have proven that the decision to appoint him as the manager back in the summer of 2019, was a stroke of genius.

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