Date: 11th November 2017 at 10:55am
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Ruben Loftus-Cheek`s man-of-the-match performance for England last night bodes well for Chelsea`s future. We`re finally getting the first glimpses of how Chelsea`s loan policy can reap dividends.

Andreas Christensen`s two seasons in the German Bundesliga with Borussia Mönchengladbach has shown that what is needed is loans at higher levels than the English National Leagues.

With Loftus-Cheek facing a level of opposition that matches what he`ll encounter when he returns to Chelsea is the key. He may be playing in a poor team but he is standing out in it, nonetheless, hence his England call-up.

The same can be said for Tammy Abraham, who has been loaned to Swansea. Like RLC, he`s not playing in a great team but he is excelling in it.

With both joining the England squad for the current friendlies against Germany and Brazil another positive is Gareth Southgate being in charge of England. From the point of view of taking England a long way in a tournament, there have to be doubts. But, knowing Chelsea`s youngsters from his management at more junior England levels, their development can only be enhanced by him being there.

Should the two of them return to Chelsea next season, whoever is in charge, will have Premier-League-ready young men (Wilkins-ism), prepared to achieve at the top levels of football.

Finally the blueprint for a successful Chelsea Academy is there for all to see. It`s about loaning these boys to teams that play at a decent level.

By comparison Dominic Solanke left Chelsea to join Liverpool believing he`d get more chance of first team football. Since joining them he`s made just one start in the EFL Cup. He`s not scored and he`s made no assists. He has played in the Premier League but only from the bench. His impact has been minimal.

None of that is to denigrate his desire to achieve his dream, he has to decide the path he thinks best suits him. You can`t help but think he could have shown more patience though.

Of course, this all brings us back to those ‘kids` that remain in Chelsea`s ranks. Charly Musonda, Ethan Ampadu, Kenedy and the like, they would do well to look closely at Loftus-Cheek, Abraham and Solanke before deciding where they want their future to be.

Could it really be that Michael Emanalo`s parting gesture as he walks away from Chelsea having garnered criticism from all corners, is a Chelsea academy that actually works.


11 Replies to “Loftus-Cheek Proving Chelsea`s Academy Works”

  • He wasn’t lazy at Chelsea. Not every player can/will run like Kante or Essien. Also, he was trying to understand the new role/position he was asked to play. Some fans here are so quick to label our youngsters “lazy.” I remember some here also said KDB was lazy. These kids are/were not lazy, they are/were young and trying to learn new roles, build confidence and fit into the senior team; it’s not easy. Some fans see that and rush to conclude that the youngster is lazy.

  • Lack of urgency is the biggest problem for Loftus Cheek, he can achieve everything in the game, or nothing at all. If he is willing to come of the pitch sweating then great, if not sell him.

  • Sadly it proves nothing. These few incipient successes of a couple kids from a world-class academy makes them more like exceptions that prove the rule. That rule? The whole CFC academy-to-senior-level process is at best a clownshow at worst a process held to ransom by an owner’s itchy trigger-finger for firing managers.

  • The hype the media is giving this kid like they do almost any English kid on the bloc. i hope won’t kill him. Don’t compare him with KDB. No one says kdb was lazy, we saw his effort before and when he joined us and laziness nor strolling wasn’t part of it. We were not just sure who to go with then between him and Oscar. Just like we know fabregas to be a liability in defense, RLC is proving to be one as well. Its just as simple as that.

  • I am just happy this kid is getting gametime, playing men football where every point means alot. That is what Chelsea and Conte wanted him to feel and experience and he is getting that at the moment. Fabregas will soon give way sooner or later and we can have RLC take his place but for now he is best learning his trade elsewhere and smoothening his rough edges.

  • I can’t wait for the media to tell him to join Spurs or Liverpool to save his career , we know that is going to happen

  • I’m expecting spurs to sell alli to Madrid ,then try to convince RLC that his football carreer will be better shaped at tottenham..

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