Date: 17th March 2019 at 10:33am
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With a two-transfer window ban all but in force, it hasn’t stopped Chelsea Football Club being mentioned when it comes to transfer speculation.

Now whether they have some sort of insight into a way in which Chelsea can navigate around the ban remains to be seen.

But, today, the news source, the Express, has come up with something that could become a subject our readership might like to discuss.

According to our referenced source, Real Madrid’s interest in Eden Hazard isn’t set to wane and with Zinedine Zidane having taken over the Bernabeu hot-seat for a second time, are set to continue their push to land our talented 28-year-old Belgian international.

In fact, our source is inferring that Zidane is looking to tempt Chelsea into a deal by offering Gareth Bale as part of a swap deal.

Therefore, we have to ask, if the two-window transfer ban can be navigated around would a swap deal involving Bale for Hazard bring a smile or a grimace to your face?

Please feel free to drop your views into the comment facility beneath this article.

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8 Replies to “Real Madrid Set To Make A Cheeky Suggestion When It Comes To A Deal For Hazard”

  • It would be folly to get bail as he is already in his thirties. Rather sell hazard and promote Adoi and other upcoming juniors into first team.

  • I will rather suggest that Chelsea should strive to keep Hazard instead of having Bale. Hazard, you are loved at Chelsea , don’t behave like your compatriot goalkeeper, you can achieve whatever you want here. England is your home, guy! NO NO NO TO BALE!!

  • Bale is not wanted and will never be appreciated at the bridge, Hazard is leaving as we all know but it would be clinical for Chelsea to bring up some boys from the academy and possibly call back some loaned boys to strengthen the team

  • Pay Hazard 450 k weekly. Get him to be happier. Keep him to give us the best of Hazzyball as usual. He deserves the best in England. No to Bale. We ain’t got a dumping site @ Stamford Bridge.

  • No to Bale…
    Bring up Odoi, Tammy Abraham, Batshuayi, Masounda

    Release Hazard if he desires Real, we will Not miss him just the way we didn’t miss Courtois. I love Hazard But we can’t stand against his will.

  • Pls remember that bulk of the job is d coach idea. For instance, check d way Real Madrid fought in d zidanes first game, dats d spirit dey ve lost in awhile, look at d way wolves play, even Newcastle before and now with Benitez. These are d kind of changes we r talking abt. Its only a fool dat will say Chelsea is improving of late except in d area of game dat doesn’t win games which is possession. That is d only thing Sarri is good at. Look at d way Napoli is playing under Ancelloti, they play wit more firepower, bite and more aggressiveness. Fine u can’t win all games buh when u r improving and loose sometimes, its natural and nobody will complain and d coach learns from it buh not d case in Sarri’s case. He’s denying d obvious fact dat he’s bn consistently playing wit abt 9/10players in a game when u don’t deploy Kante in d right position to shield ur defence line. He should play Odoi well enough to get results. He has d machineries buh can’t see d prospect in dem and couldn’t deploy dem appropriately. Mark my words again, d day Sarri leaves is when u start seeing Chelsea rise again. Sarri will only close buh won’t win anytin. Winners don’t work dat way. May be would have been more successful if he’s a bit dynamic in his approach. I’m not an advocate of changing coaches buh Sarri’s own is so so inevitable. Sorry buh its a fact. Copied this . But its true .

  • Chelsea should try everything within their power to prevent Hazard leaving. Also, they should increase his salary to the highest paid in England in order to draw away Madrid and bring best of him. Thanks!!!

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