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The defeat, at home to Manchester United, on Monday evening wasn’t the best of starts Chelsea could have made to a difficult series of fixtures with games against Tottenham Hotspur, Bayern Munich and Manchester City to follow.

But a headline lurking in The Telegraph has me shaking my head in disbelief.

The insinuation is given that the Chelsea hierarchy are getting itchy feet regarding the continuation of Lampard in the Chelsea hot seat.

Seemingly, those who perceive to run the club are puzzled to understand why Lampard didn’t recall Kepa, the worlds’ most expensive goalkeeper, against Manchester United. The insinuation is also given that Frank’s future will come under scrutiny if Chelsea fail to secure a Champions League place for next season.


Let’s take a step or two back and assess the situation.

Frank stepped into the job knowing the club would be selling their best player, Eden Hazard, he stepped into the club knowing that the club, through others wrong-doings, couldn’t sign anybody in the summer, he stepped into the role accepting that some of the squad needed dispensing with and that he’d have to rely on the youngsters stepping into the breach.

With Chelsea sitting in fourth place, I’d say that Frank has, currently, exceeded all expectations.

Perhaps those who are ready to scrutinise Frank’s future should ask some questions as to why we were so inactive in the January transfer window after the club had successfully appealed against the draconian ban, imposed by FIFA when it was clearly obvious the squad needed adding to.

As far as I’m concerned, Frank is doing a grand job, the football the team is playing is far better than served up by Sarri and with the influx of four players, in the summer, a title challenge could be on.

But what are your thoughts on the subject matter?

Do you concur with my thoughts or do you beg to differ?

Please feel free to air your views in the comment facility beneath this article.

Do You Believe Frank Lampard is Still The Man For The Chelsea Job?





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11 Replies to “Scrutinising Lampard Isn’t The Way Forward Questions Need To Be Asked Why The Board Let Things Slip So Badly”

  • Frank Lampard is the main man for the Chelsea job. With transfer ban, selling our star players. We’re still in top four. REASON!

  • Totally agree, Merlin
    We do not expect an 18 yr old footballer to play with the experience and maturity of a 28 yr old. Similarly, we must not expect an inexperienced manager to turn into Sir Alex within 6 months.
    The Board have selected Lampard not only because he is the managerial equivalent of a Jadon Sancho or a Mbappe, but also because he is the one man who can unite the club, players and fans into one entity.
    Disunity has long been a problem at Chelsea. Let’s look at where disunity exists (and where it doesn’t).
    Owner v Board: no apparent disunity there. What did you expect, with Romans track record he chooses who he believes are the best and backs them. If they fail, it’s thank you and goodbye. But if he’s happy with their performance, he’ll back them. Given his record, I’m happy with that.
    Board v Coaching Staff: again, fail and you’re out. Some would argue succeed and you’re out. This is a strange one, and we dont really know what goes on. Do personality issues come into it?Think Conte. It looks like it, but we honestly can’t tell for sure. Perhaps his demands just hindered the Board’s attempt at unity? Bottom line: who knows? But nothing there that’s Chelsea-specific, it happens at all clubs.
    Coaching Staff v Players: again, nothing Chelsea-specific. Player groups, managers, systems, persona;lities, sometimes the mix isn’t right and something needs changing. Happens.
    Club v Fans: this is where the unity issue really flounders. If I’m honest with myself, Chelsea can sometimes have the worst fans. More often than not, they are the best fans, loud, supportive and passionate. But sometimes they allow themselves to get frustrated too easily and, more to the point, show it during matches – when there should be nothing but support coming from the terraces. A case in point was the frustration felt with Michy this week (by me, too). At the start of the 2nd half it was audible throughout the ground – but wasn’t followed, as I’ve heard at other grounds or when Chelsea are away – followed by chants of support. We have a fickle (is that the right word? Perhaps “overly-demanding” would be better) fanbase.
    And that is the crux of my point. Since Rafa made an appearance, there’s been a disconnect between club and fans.
    Lampard will bring unity there: he will get a bit more leeway from the Board and should get a lot more from the fans. And so should the players on the pitch.
    We knew from the start that this season would be hard. We may not qualify for Europe – so what? Glory hunters will complain, but look at the progress of those kids, look at the style of football (the best since Uncle Carlo, I’d suggest), look at the way the club is trying to move forward as one unit.
    Without doubt, Frank is the man to lead us. But don’t demand instant success. Sir Alex, Klopp, numerous others, didn’t deliver instant success.
    Two seasons down the line we can, maybe, shout for a change. Until then, get real, get a life and enjoy the ride.
    Patience is the key, I think. From the Board, from Roman and most importantly in relation to pwerformances and therefore results, from us fans.
    Some may argue that competition – in the sense of fans demanding more of players – breeds success. I’ve never seen that in real life. In the real world, competition achieves for a select few. Collaboration, on the other hand, succeeds for all.
    It’s hard, I know, but if we all pull together and be positive, there’s no limit to what Lampard and Morris can achieve. It’ll be a helluva ride, and I, for one, want to know that I’ve contributed to achieving that success and not been some self-entitled glory-seeker who wants Chelsea to win just because it makes me feel good and I can laud it over my mates.

  • I agree with you Merlin & with Andy …. the problem is not Lampard … we do not have a cover for Tammy & that’s a major issue. We also do not have a goalkeeper in the highest class like some of the other top teams. Lampard has got us playing exciting football & the addition of at least 2-3 players (a forward, a GK, a left back) should do the trick next year. Bu

    But i’ve not given up on top-4 yet …. other team’s around us have been equally inconsistent & are also going to have injury problems like us sooner or later… so its all to play for .

  • I’m backing frank he’s doing well with young players I’m applauding this new look Chelsea if we don’t get in top four it doesn’t matter the future looks good in time the players and frank for that matter will gain valuable experience then watch us go

  • When a club that fought with the last drop of her blood to reverse a transfer ban refuses to sign players in the winter, it’s penny Wise pound foolish. The outcome till seasons end will be unpredictable

  • To me, Lampard is doing an ok job not anything grand at the moment. Some of our problems are caused by the mgt but the mgt. Is not responsible for for team selection or the abysmal way Lampard has treated Giroud, Prdro and co in recent times. His fixation on using only Tammy for every game and the fraud called Bastuahyi as back up has cost us more points than necessary. The arguemw t that Giroud and Pedro dont have the necessary engine required for Lampard’s system is not only stupid but naive and coming from a manager with a reported IQ…. Against those defensive teams that we’ve lost playing this season, Giroud would have been immense playing in their box and attacking aerial balls. Pedro is a far more bigger goal threat than Willian and Mount combined and no one could fault his work rate either. Alonso has probably scored more goals particularly (clutch) than Willain in all the seasons they ve played together yet he was confined to the bench. Lampard seems to suffer from the same disease that afflicted Conte at the end. I am one of those who was not terribly disappointed in the January transfer window cos I am like thinking g along with the board that why is Lampard complaining and hankering g after more players if he hasn’t utilize the full team at his disposal. To me it does look wise to me to try to build a system where there is a paucity of players that can utilize the system fully. Why not try to build a system albeit temporarily that utilizes the best of all your players. For someone supposedly on a genius level it was really stupid. N.B Giroud and Alonso today the ( outcasts) saved his bacon against Tottenham today

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