Date: 7th October 2017 at 10:48am
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In the last twenty-four hours, or so, there has been media noise relating to the possibility of the Brazilian midfielder, Oscar, wanting to come back to Stamford Bridge.

It was a suggestion that we covered in an article, Click Here, and also something that we decided to use our front page poll to gauge your opinion.

We asked if you were in favour of Oscar returning to Chelsea and gave you three options to choose from:

? Yes please

? No thanks


? Undecided

Your response left us in no doubt as to your feelings with a massive 72% supporting the yes please option and welcoming the return of the Brazilian.

As for the other options, 28% went for the no thanks option whilst, for the second poll running, we had nobody sitting on the fence and opting for the undecided option.

Thank you for your participation.

Our latest poll asks a question relating to silverware.

Please use your vote wisely!

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