Date: 13th December 2017 at 5:56pm
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53 minutes in to yesterday’s win at Huddersfield, Hazard received the ball with his back to Jorgensen, did one of his trademark shimmies and sent the Danish centre back the wrong way.

As the Belgian superstar looked to be on his way, Jorgensen continued turning and, nowhere near the ball, sent Eden crashing to the turf with a painful kick across the shins.

53 minutes in, second half, no need to allow the players to work their way into the game.

And up strode referee Marriner and gave Jorgensen… a couple smiling words of caution.

No card, no nothing!

Perhaps what Marriner said to the man they call Zanka was something like,

‘I know the little feller is the best and you had no chance – you might as well have been trying to tackle fog. I know it’s tough – what’s a normal defender to do but kick out? You have my sympathies. These continentals should stay where they belong, on the, er, continent.’

Or at least that was the message Marriner might as well have been conveying on behalf of the dire FA to the best player in the Premier League – oh, and to any other foreign player who may be thinking of coming here and thinking they can stink up the place with their silky skills.

Please let there not be one single word of whingeing the day Eden Hazard finally leaves us.

Let us only praise the little genius for giving us as much time as he has under the criminally inhospitable conditions fostered and approved by our far from sweet FA.


4 Replies to “Via criminal refs, FA is chasing Hazard off to Spain”

  • I actually said to my wife that the referee was probably saying those very words to the defenders during the match and indeed they are true, but how in heaven’s name he didn’t show half a dozen cards is beyond me

  • No one gets carded for fouling Hazard, one of the commentators during yesterdays match referred to him as a “Foreign Flair Player”, i think many in the FA feel the same . Without a doubt he will go to Real, unless Zidane gets the sack . I just hope we blag Assenio or Isco plus a nice chunk of change as a replacement . Also he wants to win the “Ballon D’ Or” , with UEFA, that is pretty much an exclusive trophy for Real and Barca players .

  • Just to add although we all know refs rarely give us a break, Morata’s constant flopping on the pitch like a seal is not helping our cause .

  • @Reid when we had a strong striker in costa he gets booked for almost every foul.So for me its not about the way morata falls or hazards’ tackles ,the refs are just doing the FA bids.Players have done worse that what cahill or cesc did to get a red card.Imagine lukaku got away with stamping,Guardiola got away .Yet, conte got fined for stating the obvious.I am not afraid of barca but the officiating and that hasnt gone our way in a long while.So hazard will eventually leave the league and we continue with same mediocrity as ever.

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