Date: 18th April 2017 at 12:50pm
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Since the Manchester United defeat, a game in which only N`Golo Kante did himself justice, there has been a clamour on Vital Chelsea relating to Diego Costa being dropped for the FA Cup semi-final, against Spurs, on Saturday.

There`s no doubting that, at Old Trafford, Diego Costa gave a below-par performance, but then again he wasn`t the only player that could be accused of that.

But, it seems that the Vital Chelsea membership have become increasingly frustrated by the Brazilian-born Spanish international.

Since the Chinese Super League malarkey the accusation being bandied about is that Diego Costa appears to look disinterested, some members are even suggesting his disinterest is having an effect on the remainder of the team, with some even suggesting that Chelsea are giving the opposition the advantage by playing with only ten-men, a little harsh in my opinion.

Against Manchester United, Diego Costa had trouble holding the ball up, his passes were going astray and he became embroiled in a running battle with Marco Rojo.

But you could argue that with Hazard and Pedro shackled by Herrera and Darmian, Diego Costa didn`t get the service he required.

But, with the Spurs game coming up, a game where we have to get back on track, what would you do?

Would you, even though Antonio Conte has stated he`s happy with the contribution Diego Costa is giving, drop our top-scorer, knowing what kind of message that would give out to Spurs?

Would you be tempted to opt for an attacking trio of Willian, Hazard and Pedro?

Or, would you throw caution to the wind and give Michy Batshuayi the chance to shine on the big stage?

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18 Replies to “What to do with Diego Costa”

  • Drop him. Doesn’t matter if Batts plays or not, we can go Pedro/Hazard/Willian if need be.

  • Dump him, he’s a liability. Excluding Kante they all had a shocker on Sunday. Conte needs to grow a pair & man up before it’s too late. Pedro, Willian & Hazard is a much better option.

  • I want him dropped but I dont think Conte will. If he is not dropped I would understand it somewhat especially against spurs since Conte obviously does not trust Batshuayi and may not want to risk going with a false 9 in a FA cup semi final match against a team that is in form.

    But come summer, we will be stupid not to sell, this team is still in its formative stage and it needs tranquility, not the shenanigans that come with having players like Costa in the squad plus the fact that Costa does not want to live in london anyways (he misses the sun) and he clearly does not really care about the club (lets be honest) despite always trying to say otherwise. His action when the China offer came in December speaks volumes. I think we will sell to the highest bidder (most likely China) and re-invest in the squad. First things first, I hope we finish the season in glory. KTBFFH

  • Its not just the United game, he has been poor all year since this China stuff started , if his ba-r -b q’s are more important to him, he needs to go . He has scored only 4 goals all year and now he is accumulating cards . Of course he is not getting service,he is wasteful, why pass to him ?, he acts like everything is a joke , and all this falling down and acting like he has been shot is embarrassing . We should send him to China now . Batman is not the solution either, id go with Pedro, Willian and Hazard , it’s worked for us before . I’m nervous this buffoon will cost us the title, we should just let him go now .

  • Hear hear Michael. Costa’s fading contribution is the classic example of a player who’s mind and heart are elsewhere. His lamentably amateurish first-touch alone shows a man no longer bothering to hone his craft. Bottom-line: Costa knows that his dodgy hamstring has robbed him of a yard or two of pace. Pace above all wins in the modern game: just look what a callow Rashford did to us with pace alone (remarkable how nobody commented on his horribly poor finish for the first goal: he mis-kicked the ball into the turf and it bounced over Bega). Pace keeps defences honest at all times – if only for fear of the long ball over the top; but Costa’s slowness creates zero separation from defenders these days. He’s 100% done at the highest level and must go asap. And this is no time to blood Batshuayi ffs. Time for Hazard to play striker supported by Willian and Pedro.

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  • I am pretty Certain Costa is not anywhere around 28/29 years old that he claims loooool….so I 100% agree with @ Stanwenners. If we dont sell in the coming summer when we can still get good money while also allowing Costa to take perhaps his own last major pay cheque, Costa’s value will plummet next season and we will be stuck with another Torres situation – a high earner not really contributing to the team. I say come summer, just sell to the highest bidder – China. Thank goodness there are quite a number of good strikers that will likely be available coming summer, so we will be fine. Just to add, I think next season will be really tough, like the toughest in ages. Even the fight for top 4 will be insane. But like Conte said – we’ll either find a way or make one. Lets get the right players in and fight!

  • I thought he has been fading as well since the China rumors and bust up, but i was still biased and tried to look for what ever positives i can. Man U was just terrible, his ass was permanently magnetized to the damn floor.

  • Sell him in the summer get a younger replacement and that has to be just the start give conte chance to buy several players to all round strengthen everywhere

  • Please sell this guy. It has become a must do. There’s nothing i dislike than when a player decides to down tools for his own selfish reasons. Costa has intentionally decided not to give is all no more and to be is an absolute disgrace and a shame. Sell him anywhere, i really don’t care

  • Another gripe against him is his endless selfish dribbling, and than getting dispossessed or passing to the other teams players .

  • brilliant on his day, however, like last year his days seem to be reserved for when he can be bothered! his petulance is annoying as is his refusal to stand up!

  • You sense total lack of commitment to Chelsea when Diego Costa decides to jump ship when the race for glory was heating up in January. That sums it up, he simply does not care. Worst first touch striker I have seen in a Chelsea shirt for a long while. That alone says a lot. Costa’s nonchalant attitude during counter attacks and poor pass and inability to hold up player is a huge liability.

  • Its not like he’s ever hidden the fact that he wanted and hinting he still wants to leave. Worse than having Torres

  • A win over Spurs could revive our seemingly jaded players ….. regardless of whether we sell Costa or not (i feel we should) , i continue to feel that selling Batshuayi would be a colossal mistake ….. i feel he is in the Didier Drogba mould …. if we sell him, he will blossom at any other club which will give him a run of games.
    Hopefully we can summon that last bit of effort to win the league ….. and if we beat Spurs which at the moment is looking questionable, that will be a big bonus

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