Date: 23rd January 2018 at 6:47pm
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Here at Vital Chelsea, we`re about to enter the land of make belief.

No, we`re not going to a far-away land where Liverpool and Tottenham have not only challenged for the Premier League title but have won it, we`re about to give you the opportunity to think deep and, hopefully, come up with some thoughts that will keep the comments on this very different article rolling along.

Here at Vital Chelsea we`re in that imaginary land where, given the chance, you have the unique opportunity to host an evening.

But it`s not just any old evening, we want you to reveal who you, out of the cast of thousands who have been associated with Chelsea Football Club, would invite to share your evening with you.

Now, this is where the fun starts, we`re only letting you select 3 players, managers or anyone associated with our club, to join you for your evening.

I`ll get the ball started by revealing who I`d like to join me for an evening of fine food and wine, well a hot Indian curry and too much lager to be more precise.

My first choice would be Frank Lampard, a true legend at our club and a player who epitomised everything good about the game.

My second choice would be Pat Nevin a winger who kept us all entertained and a Scotsman who is as articulate as anyone in the game when it comes to discussing football and another love of mine, music.

As for my third choice, now that was hard, so many to choose from, but I eventually opted for, ahead of so many others, Gianfranco Zola, another legend who`d bring so much to the evening.

So, my trio would be Lampard, Nevin and Zola, who would you pick?

Simply leave your choices in the comments section beneath this article and we`ll see if we have a common theme.


2 Replies to “Which Three Would You Choose”

  • Really I’d like to pick Fran Kirby, however, when I were a lad my Chelsea hero was Peter ‘the cat’ Bonetti. I was rubbish at football, so always ended up in goal. As such, he was the player I most revered. Second is Super Frank, what a professional, and what a nice man he seems to be. My third choice also goes to a nice man. A player who should have been at the club much longer, but the Portuguese one sold to United, and then to rub salt in the wound, goes there started playing him. Unforgivable in my book. For that alone Jose is not ‘a special one’. Juan Mata, is very similar in many ways to Lamps. Good pro and nice man. On the menu….a turkish selection of kebab, hummus, and haloumi. However the reality is, I now have to go to work.

  • I would have to invite Tommy Doc, surely the best raconteur in our club history, along with Alan Birchenall for his guitar playing and singing and finally Roman. Love to get him drunk and talking

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